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Passionate about tech challenges
We strive for excellence for all our customers. To achieve this, we proceed in the most pragmatic way possible in complete transparency with you and your teams throughout the development process.
We are used to working on projects with high technical and commercial stakes. Whether for start-ups or large groups, we know how to adapt our methods and are ready to meet any challenge.
Jean, CEO
Jean has worked at IBM. He is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and EPFL.
Arnaud, CTO
Arnaud has worked at Facebook and Microsoft. He is a graduate of the École polytechnique, from which he graduated at the top of his class, and of the ENS.

Our customers testify

Galadrim is an incredible team of highly skilled developers who have worked remarkably fast on our multidisciplinary project. They are adaptable, proactive and always strive to find the most efficient solution while guaranteeing a first-rate delivery quality. It has been a real pleasure both professionally and personally to work with such ingenious and passionate people. I highly recommend them.

Gabriel Kadjo
CEO of Enpy
Gabriel Kadjo

I would like to congratulate you for the work accomplished, having worked a lot with developers over the last few years I have rarely seen such clean work, an immediate understanding of the needs and such reactivity in the exchanges. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Galadrim again soon.

Lucas Didier
Product Manager at Mozza
Lucas Didier

Great! The team has always been available and very efficient. I recommend it.

Grégory Noël
Regional Director at Belfor
Grégory Noël

Thank you very much for your speed! It's very nice to be able to work so efficiently.

Jimmy Gov
CEO of Project X Paris
Jimmy Gov

Many thanks to Galadrim for their help and reactivity! The application has been acclaimed by the Store Managers and the team in the region.

Marie-Dominique Marguery
Store Manager at Leroy Merlin
Marie-Dominique Marguery

Galadrim was able to successfully complete our project while being a driving force behind our proposals, with very responsive support. More than technical service providers, they know how to position themselves as consultants, with whom I will not hesitate to work again.

Thomas Bachelerie
Head of Business Intelligence at Bandai Namco
Thomas Bachelerie

Galadrim is a dynamic, reactive and committed team. Throughout the project, they were able to adapt and allowed us to start the site while the modeling was not finished, in order to meet our deadlines. The custom development was a perfect answer to our problem of customizable and adjustable subscriptions. I recommend them without a doubt.

Charlotte Catton
Co-founder of What Matters
Charlotte Catton

Bravo and thank you to the Galadrim team for the realization of our application with the very tight deadlines! Everything was perfect: quick commercial proposal, efficient development and follow-up, customized support! I can only advise you to trust Galadrim to launch your application!

Alexey Sleshin
WebMarketing Manager K-SANTE
Alexey Sleshin
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Our expertise
We design, develop and maintain high-performance web and mobile applications that can address complex business and technical issues. We set up cloud architectures that can scale to several hundred thousand users.
We advise you on your business strategy based on our experience and a 360-degree view of the technical challenges: UX, acquisition, SEO, SEA, choice of service providers and technical tools.
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