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to build a relevant product

Understanding the need


We understand your problem and the associated context in order to respond in the best possible way by developing a digital solution that can take the form of a web platform and / or a mobile application.

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The objective of the design phase is to functionally and graphically define the website or mobile application that will be developed. The deliverable of this phase is a graphic model of the application that will look like the developed product.

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When the design phase is sufficiently advanced, we start development in one-week sprints.

During the sprint planning, you define the priorities of the week with us in relation to the list of identified features.


The one-week sprint mode operation made it possible to co-construct and refine functionalities during the project, which is impossible in a classic operating mode. We always had complete visibility on the developments in progress in order to test and improve the functionalities live.

Franck Ladouce

Co-Founder of What Matters

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The project is finalized: it's time to disseminate it more massively to your users. This is only the beginning of the adventure, and Galadrim remains at your side to prolong its success and make it evolve!

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