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The agile method

Produce maximum value by prioritizing functionality and putting you at the heart of the team.

You are the Product Owner: we encourage you to give as much feedback as possible during development.

During development, we release a new version every day, and we send you a report of the day's progress.

You may decide to revise the priorities at any time.


We work in one-week sprints.
At the beginning of each sprint, you review the project with the Galadrim team, composed of a developer and an architect responsible for your project. Features are discussed and prioritized in order of importance.
During a sprint, the addition of a feature is done in three steps:

The functionality is described from the user's point of view.

We implement the functionality, and notify you as soon as it is testable.

You test the functionality in order to validate its relevance.

A project management tool to monitor your product as closely as possible
On Trello, you can follow developments and add your feedback on tested features.
The PRODUCT BACK-LOG column lists features that are considered to be of lower priority.
The TO DO column lists the features to be developed in priority.
The column TO BE VALIDATED lists the new features you can test.
If the features are suitable, you can drag them to the DONE column.
See an example of Trello

Continuous Improvement

Our working method allows us to continuously improve your project: we will encourage you to launch a first version as soon as possible, and then iterate on the basis of objective data.
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